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ICYPAA is the International Conference Of Young People In Alcoholics Anonymous. Click here for more information.

The Austin Bid For ICYPAA is a city bid for ICYPAA, the International Conference of Young  People in Alcoholics Anonymous. Although this is a city bid to bring ICYPAA to Austin for the  first time the bid includes participation from the whole state of Texas. The bid was formed in  2019 when 4 members put in a token bid at the 61st ICYPAA in Boston.  
The bid practices AA’s 3 legacies: Unity, Service and Recovery as well as the 36 principles of  AA’s steps, traditions and concepts. The bid has a primary purpose to carry this message to the  still suffering alcoholic and to one day bring ICYPAA to Austin Texas, The experience of  ICYPAA has been lif e changing to many members of this bid and we want to pass on the  experience which we have had to still others.

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